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How To Control Sweaty Feet

January 10, 2018 by admin0

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Do you find yourself slipping and sliding in your shoes or changing socks several times during the day? If you’re nodding your head  “yes” over sweaty feet disrupting your life, then you could have feet hyperhidrosis (plantar hyperhidrosis). Of the two to four million sweat glands in our bodies, a whopping 250,000 of them are in our feet, and on average, we produce about half a cup of sweat a day. If you have hyperhidrosis, then your sweat production can be up to four times the average daily amount.

There are numerous treatments available, but many people with hyperhidrosis, unaware they have a medical condition, don’t discuss the problem with their doctor. The specialists at the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence have helped many patients overcome excessive sweating and smelly feet and they would like to help you. Our board-certified doctors can tell you more about the condition, what causes sweaty feet, and treatment recommendations. Together, we can determine the best method to stop your feet from excessively sweating.

Practical Treatment Options

Most doctors recommend a conservative approach first, and the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence specialists are no exception. They will typically first advise a patient to try some home remedies and practical advice, such as:

  • Wear well-fitting leather shoes
  • Apply antiperspirant on your feet
  • Use cotton or moisture-wicking socks
  • Insert absorbent or deodorizing insoles into shoes

Maintain a daily foot hygiene routine such as washing feet with anti-bacterial soap, apply absorbent foot powder, and wear different shoes each day.

After three weeks if these simple remedies are not effective for you, then you will want to follow up with your doctor to review medical treatment options and determine the best one for you.

Best Medical Solutions

The doctors at the Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence have helped numerous patients with treatments that either minimize or prevent excessive foot sweating. If you’re seeking a more permanent fix, then you’d want to consider thorascoscopic sympathectomy, a highly effective gland removal method.

The Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence doctors perform some of the most advanced procedures on an out-patient basis, including:

  • Medications
  • Botox injections
  • Iontophoresis – low-level electrical current
  • Thorascoscopic sympathectomy – minimally invasive procedure treating sweat glands

Our doctors area highly qualified team of thoracic surgeons who have successfully treated numerous patients, removing their discomfort and restoring a better quality of life.

Call the Hyperhidrosis Experts

You don’t have to put up with the inconvenience and embarrassment of hyperhidrosis. There are several safe and highly effective treatment options, which can restore your life to normal. The Hyperhidrosis Center of Excellence offers technologically advanced medical solutions from board-certified thoracic surgeons. Call 888.349.1398 today to schedule an appointment with a hyperhidrosis expert.

Dr. Peter Mikhail treats patients suffering from hyperhidrosis in the Tampa, Clearwater, and New Port Richey areas of Florida. Call him to book an appointment for an evaluation of your excessive sweating at 727-312-4844. 


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Dr. Peter Mikhail is a thoracic and cardiac surgeon in Tampa, Clearwater, and New Port Richey, Florida who also specializes in Hyperhidrosis Surgery & Treatment. Dr. Mikhail is Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery, The American Board of Thoracic Surgery and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

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